Taggart is a long-running Scottish detective television programme, created by Glenn Chandler, who has written many of the episodes, and made by SMG Productions (stv) for the ITV network. An internationally famous Glaswegian detective television programme, which is translated into many languages including Dutch, French and Japanese is originally set and filmed in the area of Maryhill police station in Glasgow, Scotland. The series revolves around a group of detectives in the Maryhill CID The Scottish English used by the characters in the show have been the subject of a number of skits, including a long running Tennents lager advert where CG-animated pints of Tennents played Taggart characters. A common one-line parody of the entire show is the word “murder” pronounced with an extremely thick Glasgow accent rolling the ‘r’ in murder. The programme is considered in France as part of the ‘film noir’ genre due to its dark and grim storylines.

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