Glen Michael’s Cartoon Cavalcade

This show began an awesome run of 26 years broadcasting cartoons to Scotland and beyond on STV (Scottish Television). Although he was born in Devon, England, Glen Michael achieved fame mostly in Scotland with this superb show. Can you remember the name of his lantern, or his dog. They were Paladin the talking lamp, Rudi and Rusti. Also included was Totty the Robot and dogs. Loved this show it was always must watch in The 80s.

Michael on the set of Cartoon Cavalcade

Michael achieved success with his own show, which he presented, produced and wrote Glen Michael’s Cartoon Cavalcade/ (Glen Michael’s Cavalcade) began a record-breaking run of 26 years starting on 6 April 1966. Cavalcade has been broadcast on at least three other ITV stations, Southern Television: 1966–1967, Westward: 1967–69 and Grampian TV also broadcast the series in the early 1970s and again the early 1980s. Originally broadcast as Cartoon Cavalcade went out on during the week around 5 pm until 1972, when it moved to Saturdays.

From 5 January 1974 the programme moved to a Sunday afternoon slot and renamed Glen Michael’s Cartoon Cavalcade. For a period between September 1985 – April 1986 the series went out on a Saturday morning at 11.15, before return to Sunday afternoon.

From January 1989 – December 1992 the series was reduced to 30 min fixed slot, broadcasting on Sundays at 10:45 am, but on a few occasions was moved to later time slot.

The show is remembered by people in Scotland as their first exposure to many famous cartoons and for Michael’s companions Paladin the talking lamp, Totty the Robot and dogs Rudi and Rusti. The readings of children’s birthday cards that viewers had sent in was also very popular, with Michael also sending birthday cards personally to those who could not have their cards read on air. In 1966, then again from 1970 onwards the show also broadcast on most Christmas and New Year’s Days, until 1989.

One last New year special was broadcast on 1 January 1991. Scottish Television replace cavalcade with a number of new kids programming from 1993, including Skoosh and Wemyss Bay 902101.

The memories of a wonderful show, with a remarkable host.

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