Animal Crossing meets the 1980s

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A brand new island for you to explore. Created in April 2023, updated August 2023

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a 2020 life simulation game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch games console. It has proved to be mega popular and one of the biggest selling video games of 2020 and beyond.

There are over 400 villagers in total to choose in the game, with various species and distinct personalities within these species, each with their own unique name, some of which includes names associated with the 80s, so we have created our own island, completely devoted to our favourite decade.

all80s is the name of our island, you can visit us using the following Dream Address-


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We have started from scratch and created a brand new 80s island, all80s


It took us ages to get the ones we wanted, a lot of hours and NMT’s, but we managed it, we are happy to reveal all our non playable villagers related to The 1980s

all80s acnh villagers

Showing as Name (Personality- Species) (80s Category)

Bruce (Cranky- Deer) (80s Music)Biff (Jock- Hippo) (Back to The Future)
Del (Cranky- Alligator) (Only Fools and Horses)Doc (Lazy- Rabbit) (Back to The Future)
Marty (Lazy- Cub) (Back to The Future)Midge (Normal- Bird) (80s Music)
Tom (Lazy- Cat) (80s Movies)Rodney (Smug- Hamster) (Only Fools and Horses)
Tiffany (Snooty- Rabbit) (80s Music)Whitney (Snooty- Wolf) (80s Music)


We also have the following 80s related playable characters, this took some thought as we wanted to represent as much of the 80s as we could, you have the ability to name them yourself and build their homes and personality around this, some have actual 80s related names others have occupations to highlight 80s events or memories-

all80s acnh characters
Kylie who runs a disco called Top PopsJason with a bar named Oasis
Cinema Highlighting 80s Movies like Back to The Future, Top Gun and E.T.Lassiters similar to the Hotel from Neighbours
School the head teacher of a certain 80s related school.Kevin who runs the train station that goes across Eastwood Ravine into Hill Valley


You also have the ability to create your own shop fronts with images and styles available on the internet through the switch online service, you can therefore visit our local 80s related shops-

SafewayTandyC & A
BlockbusterWimpyToys ‘R’ Us
Fancy Plants7 ElevenRecord Shop

It is still in the early stages and will be constantly updated, but it did feel great having all of these villagers/ characters and shops connected to the 80’s available to set up our own 80s island.

There are loads more to see and enjoy with some surprises which we won’t spoil here, let us just say that there is stormy weather afoot!!

Have a look and let us know in the comments below or on our twitter feed.

Dream Address- DA-5695-7108-8243

My other islands-

Wood Grove – DA-0580-4648-3748

Ibrox Park – DA-4562-8653-4630

Dawnspell – DA-5425-3736-4570

Rochdar- DA-8362-6044-6893

A new island had been born-

Full of cats and dogs- Daisy, Merry, Goldie, Butch, Lolly, Ankha, Walker, Frett, Tangy and Olivia

Raining- DA-5601-3779-2369

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Memories of “Animal Crossing meets the 1980s” in The 80s

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