Going Live!

Going Live! is a Saturday morning magazine show, broadcast on BBC1 between 1987 and 1993. It was presented by Phillip Schofield with Sarah Greene and Gordon the Gopher.

The first show to successfully pick up the baton of the defunct Multi Coloured Swap Shop, despite the valiant efforts of Saturday Superstore. It’s format and segments have remained the hallmark for Saturday morning Kids TV shows in the UK. Although Going Live once left two presenters sharing one microphone, so the production values are now a bit higher.

Other presenters included Trevor and Simon, Peter Simon, Emma Forbes, and puppet Gordon the Gopher.

The show was broadcast during the autumn to spring seasons, with other shows such as the 8:15 from Manchester and Parallel 9 taking over during the summer months. It was preceded by Saturday Superstore, and succeeded by Live & Kicking.

In 1988, when the second series started, Greene was hurt in a helicopter crash with her then boyfriend (who subsequently became her husband), Mike Smith. Guest presenters stood in for her including T’Pau‘s Carol Decker. Similarly, in 1992–93 during the final series, Schofield was starring in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and was unable to present the show even though he was offered £1,500,000 per show.

A third presenter took his place. Originally, Neighbours actor Kristian Schmid took the role but soon left after problems with his work permit. Various other celebrities to stand in included Shane Richie and Robbie Williams during his Take That days.

Segments on the show included- Double Dare, Growing Pains, Live Line, The Press Conference & The Video Vote.

Trevor & Simon (Trevor Neal and Simon Hickson) also had their own segment on the show with a family-friendly version of anarchic alternative comedy .

During its run, the show made several broadcasts from outside the confines of the studio. These included:

  • Center Parcs;
  • a cross-channel ferry from Dover to Calais;
  • a steam train on the Watercress Line, Hampshire;
  • a ferry to the Isle of Wight

Going Live! had their own section on the BBC’s It Started With Swap Shop featuring classic clips of the show. It is presented as elevator employees recalling their favourite parts of the show.

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