Dallas is the greatest TV series of all time. The close second is “The Simpsons” but as a mature adult soap, “Dallas” tops them all. Not only was it the most talked about series in its time but it has everything you want from a fiction programme. Sex, Oil, violence, revenge, business, family. It was one of the most glamorous shows ever and was about power and wealth. Extremely enjoyable. People explain how bad the ending years were but how can any series last that long and all be good!. It did its best to keep you glued to the TV. However in 1996, the first of 2 reunion films of the 90s, “JR Returns2 was a fantastic comeback and well made!

What is most amazing about “Dallas” is the fantastic, well written characters. Especially JR Ewing, the evil devilish money lover who would walk over anyone to get ahead but who is also devoted to family business! It is a tough series with great acting from Linda Gray, Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy. The series only kept going as long as possible to keep the devoted viewers happy because when this ended something ended in all of its viewers. It was like loosing something you had lived with for 13 years!

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