Christmas #1 in The 1980’s

A list of all the Christmas #1’s in the 1980’s

Can you guess or remember who was at the top in each year of the decade. The answers have been hidden to make it harder for you, this can also be used as a quiz. A point for each correct answer, possible score out of 20.

Here we go…

Who was Christmas #1 in 1980-

Show Answer St Winifred’s School Choir- There’s No-one Quite Like Grandma


Show Answer The Human League- Don’t You Want Me


Show Answer Renee and Renato- Save Your Love


Show Answer The Flying Pickets- Only You


Show Answer Band Aid- Do They Know It’s Christmas


Show Answer Shakin’ Stevens- Merry Christmas Everyone

Halfway there, how are you doing score wise.


Show Answer Jackie Wilson- Reet Petite


Show Answer Pet Shop Boys- Always On My Mind


Show Answer Cliff Richard- Mistletoe & Wine


Show Answer Band Aid II- Do They Know It’s Christmas

How well did you do, rate yourself out of 10 and let everyone know your score in here, or on our Forum, no cheating now!!


0-3 Where you born in the 80’s

3-5 Not bad

5-7 Good score

7-9 Well done

10 You are an 80’s expert, take a bow.

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