The Burbs (1989)

Settling in for some time off in his suburban home, Ray Peterson’s (Tom Hanks) vacation becomes a horror when the Klopeks, a suspiciously odd family, move in down the block. Enlisting the aid of his paranoid buddy, Art (Rick Ducommun), and his militia-man neighbor, Rumsfield (Bruce Dern), Ray sends his son and wife (Carrie Fisher) away on a trip while he investigates the Klopeks. When a neighbor disappears, Ray and his cohorts risk their lives to save their cul-de-sac from the clutches of evil.

A classic forgotten movie from The 1980s. Loved this, still do. 8/10


Tom Hanks as Ray Peterson
Bruce Dern as Lt. Mark Rumsfield
Carrie Fisher as Carol Peterson
Rick Ducommun as Art Weingartner
Corey Feldman as Ricky Butler
Wendy Schaal as Bonnie Rumsfield
Henry Gibson as Dr. Werner Klopek
Brother Theodore as Uncle Reuben Klopek
Courtney Gains as Hans Klopek
Gale Gordon as Walter Seznick
Dick Miller as Vic (Garbageman)
Robert Picardo as Joe (Garbageman)
Cory Danziger as Dave Peterson
Franklyn Ajaye as Detective #1
Rance Howard as Detective #2
Heather Haase as Ricky’s Girlfriend
Nick Katt as Steve Kuntz
Bill Stevenson as Ricky’s Friend
Gary Hays as Ricky’s Friend
Carey Scott as Ricky’s Friend
Kevin Gage as Cop
Dana Olsen as Cop
Brenda Benner as Walter’s Daughter
Patrika Darbo as Suzette Weingartner

Box office The film opened at number 1 with $11,101,197 in its opening weekend (February 17–20, 1989). Overall, in the US, the film made $36,601,993 and $49,101,993 worldwide.

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