I’m sorry but I am beginning to see a pattern of British dramas which I dare say is quite bland. The acting, the writing, and even the sets are just similar. Holby City and Casualty are two separate shows but I can’t tell the difference. The actors and actresses look the same and I’m sure that the cast of characters of one show end up in the other at one point. Does it matter? Is Casualty popular enough to have spin off series like Holby City? I can’t answer it because I don’t live in the United Kingdom. It would be nice to see a familiar face among the cast. I watched Coronation Street and see the familiar faces of some cast members. EastEnders is popular simply because Wendy Richard who played Pauline Fowler for 21 years was the heart and soul and not to mention that she was a cast member of the popular comedy, Are you Being Served? and Barbara Windsor who is better known for her roles in Carry On series. That’s the problem, I think the shows are stepping stone. In America, we have actors and actresses who have stayed and that’s important is the regularity. I’m not saying that British soaps are bad. No way, British soaps like Casualty and Emmerdale are an important factor of British culture. I encourage people especially tourists to watch them. British soaps can be both funny and sad, happy and entertaining as well as enlightening. Don’t think that I don’t appreciate the British contribution to soaps because I think Britons are quite appreciative of their existence where as in America for example, soaps are only the stepping stone to their careers and sometimes the highlight.

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